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Here at IK9, we offer a range of protection dogs for sale. Protection dogs are required for a variety of reasons and need to be fully trained to the highest standards to ensure the safety of both the owner and the dog.

Expertly Trained Protection Dogs

All our dogs are trained in our state of the art facility with real life simulations and fully certified trainers.

IK9 is accredited with the 'British Insititute of Professional Dog Trainers' and our training centre is NTIPDU accredited, making us one of the leading companies in security dog training, providing the sale of highly qualified fully trained protection dogs. Continue reading to find out more about some of the scenarios that a protection dog is commonly used, and the considerations we make towards each protection canine.

Family Protection

All family protection dogs must pass through one of our accredited training courses, each dog is trained dependent on the type of protection needed.

Our family protection dogs are trained on how to behave around families, children and in social situations, which are likely to occur within a family environment.

Protecting your family is important to us, which is why we help you to integrate the dog into your family environment, providing a key protection asset for your home and family against potential dangers such as intruders.

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Personal Protection

Many people require personal protection, which can be essential to reducing potential threats.

All IK9 dogs available are trained to respond to threats and keep an individual protected and their possessions safe. We are able to evaluate your current situation, whether you are a target of crime or are living with a possible threat, we will assess the type of security needed from your personal protection dog, and determine any additional training needed to suit your specific circumstance.

Our wide range of fully trained protection dogs enables us to find the perfect dog to match your criteria, and help you to feel comfortable in your home and safe when you are on the move.

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Police Dogs

Protection dogs are commonplace in security and law enforcement, the police force, prison service and private security companies all regularly use dogs for added protection.

Our dogs don’t only provide physical protection but can also be used for the detection of drugs, weapons or explosives. Purchasing a protection dog directly from our training centre provides you with the peace of mind that your dog has completed one of the best accredited training courses, meeting the highest standards of training and requirements for a professional protection dog.

Whether you are looking for personal protection, family protection or looking to recruit fully trained police dogs, our experience will provide you with a fantastic deterrent that is able to act if necessary. For further information on any of the protection dogs we have for sale, complete our quick contact form below, we are always happy to help protect you and your family.

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