Protection Dog Training

  • Comprehensive dog handler courses.
  • Experienced and fully qualified trainers.
  • Onsite Training Facility.
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Training a dog to respond to threats and other forms of crime is a challenging task and requires expert skills and specialised training facilities.

Security Dog Training

At IK9, we provide accredited protection dog training in our state of the art onsite training facility by our experienced and fully qualified trainers.

Our in-house training service is run by professional accredited trainers. Our trainers maintain their knowledge of all current health and safety regulations on working with dogs, so you know you're in safe hands.

All our training services, including security training and detection training, take place within designated areas, providing a range of realistic simulated scenarios the dogs may come across in real life. We ensure our handlers and dogs are trained to the highest standards.

We train protection dogs for a variety of reasons including personal, household, and public protection (police dogs, military dogs) as well as training dogs to search for drugs, explosives, weapons and people.

Dog Handler Training

We provide comprehensive dog handler courses, which are run by NASDU approved instructors.

Our comprehensive dog handler training courses are run by NASDU approved instructors. Our team of instructors are industry leaders, who will provide you with the knowledge, skills and the understanding required for working with security dogs.

We offer many different dog handler courses, including;

  • Handling drug detection dogs
  • Handling explosive detection dogs
  • Handling security dogs

Completing your dog handler training with us not only provides you with the relevant certification within the industry, but also allows you to benefit from the experience of some of Europe’s leading dog handler training providers.

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Detection Dogs

Detection dogs are becoming a regular sight in today’s society, with the increase in terror threats and drug related issues.

Detection dogs go through extensive assessments and training to enable them to detect a range of different items, these include, but are not limited to:

  • Explosives
  • Drugs
  • Weapons
  • Blood
  • People

With our expert training simulations replicating real life situations, the dogs receive the highest standard of training by gaining the experience and skills needed for undertaking the job in life like situations.

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Police Dogs

The police force, prison service, the military, and private security companies use K9 units as deterrents and as a proactive force.

Because of their enhanced senses, they are able to seek out and identify intruders in advance of static guards, and if the situation arises are ready to approach an attacker without fear. This makes K9 units a more efficient security option, not only for the police but also for construction sites or other premises that are vulnerable to crime. Our security dog training team provides the highest quality of professional standards in dog training, our dogs are trained on professional accredited courses that ensure the safety of both the dog and their handler. All trainers involved are licensed dog handlers and follow the BS 8517-1 Code of Practice for the use of General Purpose Security Guard Dogs.

If you are interested in dog or handler training or require further information, please use the contact form below and one of our team will be in touch as soon as possible.

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