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IK9 Security is a reliable and experienced keyholding company.

Approved Contractor

Whether you are prone to losing keys, simply forgot them or you use our alarm response service, we offer a holding solution for spare keys so you can always gain access to your premises. We are also able to hold your keys if your require us to carry out lock and unlocks on your premises or mobile patrols to ensure your property is safe and secure. We pride ourselves on being security specialists and approved contractors for businesses to help keep premises safe, and secure.

When you enquire about keeping your property secure, whether you require physical security or a security system our team of experts can give you the guidance and advice you need to make the right decisions when it comes to security. With our professionalism and high level of service you know you can trust us with keeping you, your employees and your business in safe hands at all times, day or night. For extra security our alarm response service pairs perfectly with this keyholding service, our professional team can ensure that your property is secure and any problems are dealt with effectively.

To enquire about our keyholding service, simply complete the contact for below and one of our experienced team members will be back in touch shortly.

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